Islamic Education in Europe
Gjuha shqipe


The conference will delve into the significant question of how the training of Imams and teachers can contribute to the integration of Muslims in Europe. Prestigious scientists in the field of education and theology will be invited from various European countries. In addition, scholars from other continents will also be invited this year to enrich the conference.


Conference participants will examine different theological models for the training of imams in Europe, the integration situation in various countries, and concepts for teachers' education. Moreover, professional working groups will gather in workshops on specific topics and present their deliberations in a large plenary.


In this context, the conference will also deal with the question of what form the contextualization of Islam in Europe should take, how Muslim children and youngsters can grow up without being attacked by the society because of their religiosity.  The inter-Islamic dialogue is encouraged to be revived and to target common reforms.


The conference will also offer a unique opportunity for the European reform initiatives, particularly for the Southeast European ones, to gather at a table and to focus on future visions and plans. The conference is going to provide an outstanding context to discuss in-depth principles of the European imams’ and teachers' training and to plan new strategies and reforms in concrete terms. The conference is going to provide an important opportunity for young Muslim scholars to gather in one place and engage in constructive exchange. Both the presentations and discussions and the results of the conference will be published which will provide an indispensable contribution to discourse on Muslim integration in Europe.


Unlike the previous Balkan conferences this year a special emphasis will placed on the promotion of women, thus female scholars will be invited in order to incorporate their research findings and approaches to the discourse and debate on Imam and teacher education. This will introduce new approaches and results from gender and feminist research thereby widening all of our horizons.

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